My GCSE Results

In 2002 I was forced to leave my local Hackney community school, Kingsland, due to its impending closure after being placed under "special measures" (the Government's approach to "failing" schools). Following an appeal, I was fortunate to be admitted as a student at the nearby Raine's Foundation School in Tower Hamlets, a parochial school with a very mixed intake which prides itself on a strong "Christian ethos".

In Summer 2004, I took 9 GCSEs at Raine's and passed them all, with grades ranging from from A* to C. I was especially pleased with my A* in Spanish, because my late transfer meant that other students had a year's head start on me and the school was reluctant to let me join the course at this late stage. Thankfully they did, because I went on to study Spanish at AS Level, subsequently moved to Spain to train and now speak Spanish as my first language. I also speak very good Portuguese and, after a year and a half in Barcelona, I can understand spoken Catalan (although speaking Catalan myself can be a bit of a struggle!).

My former school - Raine's Foundation in Tower HamletsI was disappointed with the drama result. I always enjoyed drama and should have done better. My parents were delighted with my A Grades in English and B Grades in Maths and Science.

English LiteratureA
English Language A
Science (Double Award)BB
Religious StudiesC